What is Managing Successful Programmes Foundation and Practitioner?

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) represents proven programme management good practice in the successful delivery of transformational change through the application of programme management. As programme management is increasingly recognised as key to enabling organisations to manage change, MSP is being used and adopted more and more within both public and private sectors.

The MSP framework is based on three core concepts:
MSP Principles. These are derived from positive and negative lessons learned from programme experiences. They are the common factors that underpin the success of any transformational change.
MSP Governance Themes. These define an organization’s approach to programme management. They allow an organization to put in place the right leadership, delivery team, organization structures and controls, giving the best chance for success.
MSP Transformational Flow. This provides a route through the lifecycle of a programme from its conception through to the delivery of the new capability, outcomes and benefits.

The MSP framework proves to be especially useful in today’s climate where organisations are expected to adapt constantly to change. Organisations must learn how to adapt and transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control in order to survive and prosper. Programme management is increasingly being recognized as key to enabling organisations to manage that transformation. Where there is major change there will be complexity, risk, many interdependencies to manage and conflicting priorities to resolve. MSP provides a structured framework and approach to programme management that can help organisations avoid pitfalls and achieve their goals.

Managing Successful Programmes Foundation can be completed in 3 days, with Practitioner then taking a further 2 days. Our next MSP course will be held in Wellington beginning on the 12th of November. To register for our classroom course book here

We also offer Managing Successful Programmes through our e-Learning programme. This flexible and cost effective option is great for those who may not have time to commit 5 days to the classroom course. For more information on our e-Learning course visit https://www.projectplus.co.nz/courses/84-msp-foundation-and-practitioner/

For organisations who would like their staff to become accredited, we can offer the course to be delivered in-house. To discuss this option please get in touch with us at info@projectplus.co.nz or 04 495 9100