Introduction to PRINCE2™ Themes

Used for over 30 years and updated in 2017, PRINCE2 is an internationally recognised project management method and certification programme. The PRINCE2 approach comprises of clear steps and standards which is a streamlined project management framework and gives teams the confidence to drive success. The methodology provides organisations with a step-by-step method from project conception to closure.

The core components of PRINCE2 are its processes and themes. This article explains the seven PRINCE2 themes.

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The Seven PRINCE2 Themes

Business Case

The business case simply asks, why are we doing this? It includes why this is an appropriate investment and how the project fits with the organisations business objectives.


The purpose of the organisation theme is to identify the project’s structure of accountability and responsibilities. This theme will ensure effective direction, management, control, and communication. This theme also covers defining stakeholders and the most appropriate way to communicate with them. To learn more about communicating with stakeholders take a look at our AMPG International Stakeholder Engagement ™ course.


Quality is referring to the quality attributes required for the final product. This theme asks how the team will ensure these defined requirements will be delivered.


PRINCE2 projects proceed based on a series of approved plans. The purpose of these plans is to facilitate communication and control by defining how the project will be delivered. Once again asking those important questions of how, who, and when.


Projects tend to generate more risk than BAU. This theme addresses how project management manages uncertainty. To learn more about managing risks, check out our Management of Risk (M_o_R) ™ course.


This theme focuses on how project management assesses and acts upon any potential changes to the project baselines. ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2’ defines the project baseline as “the reference levels against which an entity is monitored and controlled”[1]. Projects are full of change, to make sure you manage change successfully join us for our AMPG International Change Management ™ course.


Progress addresses the ongoing viability of the project. This theme outlines the importance of monitoring the actual performance of the project. Then how to use this information to create an informed project forecast.

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