Introduction to Praxis Framework™

Praxis is the first framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios (P3). Praxis is a free, community driven framework which can help you and your organisation realise the intended benefits of P3 management. It is a great source of guidance and resources.


Want to build on your knowledge of best practice?

PRAXIS offers a free common use licence for you to download and use the framework and templates. The Praxis Framework is a trade mark of APMG. All rights reserved.


Managing Successful Programmes® Training Course

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is the most popular programme management training course.

MSP helps with the successful delivery of transformational change. It is recognised as key to enabling organisations to manage change, MSP is being used and adopted more and more within both public and private sectors.

The MSP framework is based on three core concepts:
MSP Principles. These are derived from positive and negative lessons learned from programme experiences. They are the common factors that underpin the success of any transformational change.
MSP Governance Themes. These define an organisation’s approach to programme management. The help an organisation to put in place the right leadership, delivery team, organisation structures and controls, giving the best chance for success.
MSP Transformational Flow. This provides a route through the lifecycle of a programme from its conception through to the delivery of the new capability, outcomes and benefits.

The MSP framework is especially useful in today’s climate where organisations are constantly adapting to or leading change. Organisations must learn how to adapt and transform themselves through effective leadership and strategic control in order to survive and prosper. Programme management enables organisations to manage that transformation. Where there is major change there will be complexity, risk, many interdependencies to manage and conflicting priorities to resolve. MSP provides a structured framework and approach to programme management that can help organisations avoid pitfalls and achieve their goals.

Gaining a certification in Managing Successful Programmes at Foundation level can be achieved in three days, with Practitioner being able to be gained in a further two days. We deliver MSP training courses in our Wellington training centre throughout the year. For more information and to register for our training course click here

We also deliver this course for clients on your premises. To discuss this option please get in touch with us at or telephone 04 495 9100.


Managing Successful Programmes is a registered trade mark of AXELOS. All rights reserved.

Project Plus now offer PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner Certification

We are pleased to announce that we have already trained our first group of people and helped them pass the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner certification. PRINCE2 Agile is a forward-thinking certification blending the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the defined governance of PRINCE2. Designed to help professionals tailor management controls when working in an agile environment, this certification will help you to understand PRINCE2 governance requirements, agile concepts and techniques and the interface between them. This course is certified through AXELOS.

PRINCE2 Agile is the perfect certification for anyone who delivers projects in an agile context. The certification will help any project staff member combine agile concepts with one of the world’s most popular approaches to project management, PRINCE2.

The PRINCE2 Agile certification follows the same structure as PRINCE2, with Foundation being completed over three days and Practitioner being completed over two days – each with an exam upon conclusion. PRINCE2 Agile Foundation has no prerequisites so is perfect for any member of a project team wishing to tailor PRINCE2 to an agile work environment. In order to sit PRINCE2 Practitioner with Project plus you must gain the Foundation certification.

To discuss in-house delivery options or any queries please get in touch with us at or 04 495 9100.

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PRINCE2 Agile is a registered Trade Mark of AXELOS. All rights reserved.

Praxis Framework

What is the Praxis Framework?
Praxis is an entirely free, community driven, open source framework which can help organisations realise the intended benefits of projects, programmes and portfolios. The Praxis Framework™ is a combination of four types of best practice guidance; Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability and is the first framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios in a single guide.

What are the benefits of Praxis?
Praxis is available on the Internet, making it easily accessible.
The Praxis Framework recognises one size does not fit all and can be easily tailored. Organisations can insert their own process model, templates and content into the framework.
The framework is community driven, users can suggest improvements or extensions to any page and these will be considered for inclusion.
Praxis is supported by a wealth of free resources. An encyclopaedia of tools and techniques, templates, articles, a 360° capability maturity assessment tool, a glossary of project management terminology and much more is available on the Praxis website.

Praxis Framework Certifications
Enhance your knowledge, ensure you are using the framework effectively or simply assess your capability with the Praxis Certifications. The certifications currently available are:
• Foundation: Praxis Foundation equips you with an understanding of project and programme functions – in addition to the processes and documentation used to manage lifecycle phases. Foundation enables you to work effectively as part of any project or programme management team. It is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner qualification.
• Practitioner: Praxis Practitioner builds on the understanding developed at Foundation level, providing you with the knowledge to apply and tailor Praxis to your organisation’s projects or programmes.
• Bridging Course: The Bridging Course is for those who have previously undertaken project and programme training and would prefer to use a more integrated framework going forward. The course covers the similarities and differences between Praxis and other prominent frameworks; PRINCE2 and MSP – as well as the APM qualifications, PFQ and PMQ.

Project Plus PMO of the Year 2017 – Foodstuffs North Island

The winner of the 2017 Project Plus PMO of the Year Award is Foodstuffs North Island. The award was announced and presented at the PMINZ Annual Conference which was held in Christchurch on 21 September. This followed a detailed evaluation by an independent panel of judges.

The PMO at Foodstuffs, North Island, has increased the success of their company’s projects and programmes. The PMO is the custodian of the strategic agenda of Foodstuffs and supports the execution of Foodstuffs’ strategy by increasing the visibility of their project portfolio, by effective prioritisation and by enabling robust decision making around their investments. They are accountable.

The Project Management Office (PMO) of the Year award recognises a Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office that has increased the success of their organisation’s projects or programmes.

This year the three finalists were ACC, Foodstuffs North Island and Safe Roads PMO, NZTA.

Project Plus has already signed up to be the sponsor of the 2018 PMO of the Year Award. We have sponsored this award since it’s inception five years ago.

The PMINZ Annual Conference is the highlight of the year for project professional in New Zealand. In 2018 the conference will be held in Auckland.

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