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P3GP is a principle based approach and is scalable. It aligns governance across projects, programmes and portfolios and explains how governance should be applied Agile ways of working as well as for iterative projects.

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The P3GP certification is the first of its kind in the world. It explains the governance required for an organisation to manage projects, programmes and portfolios effectively and efficiently.

It is the new go-to certification for SROs, Sponsors and PMO and ePMO people. The course uses the handbook, "Project, Programme and Portfolio Governance" which has been written by Ross Garland (one of the authors of Management of Portfolios) and Adrian Morey.

This is a two day certification course 

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Topics Covered

The course explains the ten principles and covers the practicalities of achieving results effectively and efficiently. It addresses some common issues that people face.

The ten principles are:

  1. Treat Change differently from Business as Usual
  2. Ensure a single point of accountability for each project or programme
  3. Business outcome accountability determines project or programme accountability
  4. Support the person accountable for a project or programme with a governance board
  5. Separate project and programme decision-making from stakeholder engagement
  6. Align investments with strategic objectives
  7. Maintain the business case
  8. Design portfolio governance to drive investment outcomes
  9. Ensure consistent and logical decision-making rights
  10. Enable evidence-based decision-making      

You will understand the ten principles of effective and efficient project, programme and portfolio governance. You will be able to use these to assist in the design, implementation and operation of your project, programme and portfolio activities.


Who Should Attend

While the subject is very specific, a wide variety of people will gain from participating and learning about P3G. These include:

  • project, programme and portfolio managers
  • PMO and ePMO managers and analysts
  • project sponsors and SROs
  • assurance professionals
  • governance professionals   

There are no prerequisites required to join this course although at least a high level understanding of project management is required.

About the Exam

The exam is taken online after attendance on the course. No software is required to be downloaded.

We recommend you take the exam within two weeks after completion of the training course. (The exam must be taken within 6 months of the course). The exam is open book using the digital version of the course handbook only.  

The exam is multiple choice. To pass you must achieve at least 25 correct out of 50 questions - a 50% pass mark.

The certification does not have an expiry date howevr P3GQA reserves the right to release new updated guidance which may alter the structure of the exam.


Our P3GP course includes a paperback and digital copy of the official handbook, a copy of the presentation material, the online exam and full catering while on the two day course.

The normal price is $2195 plus GST. Autumn Special price is $2000 excl GST for courses which start before 31 July   

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