Change Management Training

Path to change

Change management training is the base knowledge required for dealing with change and the impact of change. Managing change is not for the faint hearted and understanding of best practice is mandatory.

Demand is growing for qualified and experienced change practitioners, managers and leaders. Increasing numbers of organisations are recognising the value of effective change management with many focusing on building their internal capability to facilitate the increasing levels of change. This means that change practitioners need to have access to effective professional development opportunities.

APMG International worked with the Change Management Institute to develop the “Effective Change Manager’s Handbook”, which is the handbook for their Change management certification, the APMG International Change Management™ course. The Handbook’s 13 chapters reflect the 13 ‘knowledge areas’ of the Change Management Institute’s Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) and these are covered on the course.

 The Change Management Institute

The Change Management Institute, is an international, independent, not-for-profit association of Change Professionals. It is committed to the development of high professional standards in change management. Their Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK). was developed using the experience of more than six hundred change management professionals from thirty countries. The CMBoK describes what Change Managers must know to demonstrate the key competencies of a Change Manager and to deliver change successfully.

CMI Aligned Training

A requirement of the Change Management Institute’s Foundation level accreditation is evidence of CMBoK aligned training, and this is the formal link between APMG’s Change Management course/certification and the Change Management Institute accreditation.

APMG Foundation and Practitioner Change Management training courses are recognised as “Endorsed Courses” by the Change Management Institute. Passing those exams is a good way to address the knowledge requirement of Foundation level accreditation with the Change Management Institute.

For details of our Change Management Certification course please click here

This certification course is ideal if you want to understand best practice as the course content is not limited to only one methodology.

The course topics cover the complete change lifecycle and include:

  • Change and the individual with models of individual change and motivation
  • Change and the organisation including organisation culture and models of change
  • Key roles in organisational change including drivers of change and developing the vision
  • Stakeholder strategy including mapping
  • Communication and engagement detailing biases and approaches, factors and barriers as well as channels
  • The impact of change and impact and severity assessments
  • Change readiness understanding the motivation and support for individuals, and how to build readiness, build the team and build the plan


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