Project Management Training before the New Year

Don’t miss your opportunity to up-skill in 2018. We still have a number of Skills and Knowledge courses coming up before Christmas that could help you achieve your goals for the New Year. Our skills & knowledge workshops cover the whole project management spectrum and help individuals advance their professional development with real-world skills to drive success. Our courses include:

  • Project Management Skills and Knowledge. 3rd-4th December in Wellington
    This two day, interactive workshop equips participants with a set of tools immediately applicable in the workplace, taking you through each stage of the life cycle of a project.
  • Project Planning and Control Skills and Knowledge. 5th December in Wellington
    This course covers the principles of project planning, scheduling and resourcing and teaches participants how to plan and control projects.
  • Project Cost Management. 6th December in Wellington
    This one day workshop will help you keep control of costs and ensure your projects are within budget
  • Project Risk Management. 7th December in Wellington.
    The aim of this one-day Project Risk Management workshop is to provide participants with an awareness of proven concepts and techniques that need to be known and applied to manage threats from project risks and capitalise on opportunities.
  • People Skills in Project Management. 10th December in Wellington.
    This highly interactive and dynamic workshop highlights the key areas and provides practical tools and ideas for addressing the interpersonal challenges of today’s business environments.

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