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Learn how to develop your influencing and engagement skills. This course will help you to explore and develop your abilities in identifying, influencing, and leading key stakeholders and will help you to deliver results and benefits through effective collaboration.

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Effective stakeholder engagement (particularly social skills and the ability to influence others) is an essential competence for high performers.

Gaining the Stakeholder Engagement Certification will help you to understand and identify, influence and lead key people and groups more effectively.

Your improved understanding will help you to:

• Drive results and benefits through effective collaboration

• Improve your communication and influencing skills

• Prioritise your time and organise resources effectively

• Generate buy-in and cooperation from key stakeholders

• Remove obstacles to progress and success

• Draw on a range of experience and techniques for influencing people

• Develop a reputation as a key player and influencer.

It is extremely valuable if you are responsible for delivering results and benefits from projects and programmes. It is also of value to change managers who are seeking to lead, shape and achieve positive outcomes from change.

The course handbook is “Practical People Engagement. Leading Change through the Power of Relationships” Written by Patrick Mayfield. This book is based on his research which identified that Project Managers and Programme Managers spent much more time than the average person dealing with people and people issues. Patrick was on the team that produced the first PRINCE2™ Manual.

Through improving your communication and influencing skills, you will be able to organise resources effectively and gain buy-in and cooperation from key stakeholders. You will understand how to remove obstacles and provide techniques for influencing people.

The course reference book is “Practical People Engagement: Leading Change though the Power of Relationships“ by Patrick Mayfield.

APMG International Stakeholder Engagement is a trade mark of The APM Group Limited. All rights reserved. PRINCE2 is a trade mark of Axelos limited. All rights reserved.

Topics Covered

The seven principles, five themes and five step Engagement Pathway are covered.

The seven principles to engaging and influencing people are:

  1. Seek first to understand and then be understood
  2. Effective change is always led
  3. Habits are the inhibitors and the goal
  4. Recognize and minimize the pain of change
  5. A leaning to action and relationships yields high engagement
  6. Integrity is powerfully persuasive
  7. Feelings trump reason, and meaning trumps authority

The five themes are:

  • Six engagement hats
  • The Power of Why
  • Collaboration
  • Story-telling
  • Agile 

The five step Engagement Pathway is:

  1. The Who Step
  2. The How Step
  3. The When step
  4. The Engage step
  5. The Adapt Step

This course will help you to

  • drive results and benefits through effective collaboration.
  • Improve your communications and influencing skills
  • Prioritise time and organise resources
  • Generate buy-in and cooperation from key stakeholders
  • Remove obstacles to progress
  • Develop a reputation as a key player and influencer


From participating in this course you will:

  • Understand the benefits of Stakeholder Engagement for a change initiative
  • Understand the seven principles which are universal, self-validating and empowering
  • Understand the five steps of the pathway, their purpose, objectives and context
  • Understand the purpose of the promoted techniques
  • Understand the relationship(s) between principles, pathway steps and techniques
Who Should Attend

This course is a must attend course for you if you interact with and work with stakeholders to achieve your objectives, leading, shaping and achieving positive outcomes. It is especially useful if you work in an Agile environment where individuals and interactions and customer collaboration are valued.

This course will suit you and give you value if you are a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Programme Manager, Portfolio Manager, PMO Manager, Scrum Master, Delivery Lead, Change Specialist, Communications Specialist, Policy Manager, or Consultant.

It is also suitable for non project people such as auditors and quantity surveyors for example.


The Foundation certification demonstrates that you have an understanding of the Stakeholder Engagement foundations, themes and pathways.

About the Exam

The Foundation exam will be undertaken during the afternoon of day 3, the final day.

  • Multiple choice
  • 50 questions
  • 25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available – 50%)
  • 40 minutes duration
  • Closed book

Our Stakeholder Engagement course includes the price of the exam and the official handbook which is sent in advance for pre-course reading. The price is:

Stakeholder Engagement Foundation - $2195 plus GST
3 day course inc. Exam and official handbook.

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