Praxis Framework™

Praxis is a free, community driven framework which can help you and your organisation realise the intended benefits of projects, programmes and portfolios.

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The Praxis Framework™ is a combination of four types of best practice guidance; Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability and is the first framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios in a single guide. 

An entirely free, open source framework. Available on the internet and subject only to a Creative Commons licence.

The APMG International Praxis Framework is a trademark of The APM Group Limited and Praxis Framework Ltd, used under permission of The APM Group Limited. All rights reserved. 

Topics Covered
  • Praxis is an integrated framework encompassing knowledge, method, competency and a capability maturity model. As it uses a common taxonomy and terminology across all elements, there is no need for you to cross reference or translate between guides.
  • The Praxis Framework recognises one size does not fit all and can be easily tailored. Your organisation can insert their own process model, templates and content into the framework.
  • The framework is community driven, you can suggest improvements or extensions to any page and these will be considered for inclusion. Just use the comment function.
  • Supported by a wealth of free resources. An encyclopaedia of tools and techniques, templates, articles, a 360° capability maturity assessment tool, a glossary of project management terminology and much more is available on the Praxis website. 
  • Please note the Praxis Framework certifications and exams do not cover portfolio management. 

Certify your ability to:

  • Deliver projects and programmes successfully using an innovative framework.
  • Understand projects and programmes functions plus the processes and documentation used to manage lifecycle phases.
  • Develop and maintain an effective project delivery infrastructure in a decreased timescale.
  • Apply and tailor the Praxis Framework to your organisation.
  • Understand the similarities and differences between Praxis and other prominent frameworks; PRINCE2 and MSP - as well as the APM qualifications, PFQ and PMQ.
  • Continually develop; as the entire framework is openly available on the internet, you are empowered to undertake continual professional development whenever needed.
  • Enhance your CV and improve your career prospects.
  • Achieve absolute optimisation in projects and programmes delivery.
Who Should Attend

Any professional who seeks to understand and embrace the Praxis framework and tools


There are no prerequisites for the PRAXIS Foundation course. However, you must have the Foundation certification to attend the Practitioner component.


Praxis Foundation equips you with an understanding of project and programme functions – in addition to the processes and documentation used to manage lifecycle phases. Foundation enables you to work effectively as part of any project or programme management team. It is a pre-requisite for the Practitioner qualification.


Praxis Practitioner builds on the understanding developed at Foundation level, providing you with the knowledge to apply and tailor Praxis to your organisation’s projects or programmes.

Bridging Course

The Bridging Course is for those who have previously undertaken project and programme training and would prefer to use a more integrated framework going forward. The course covers the similarities and differences between Praxis and other prominent frameworks; PRINCE2 and MSP - as well as the APM qualifications, PFQ and PMQ.


Our PRAXIS Framework Certification programme is priced as follows:

  • PRAXIS Foundation - $2,395.00 +gst
    3 day course inc. exam
  • PRAXIS Foundation and Practitioner - $3,495.00 +gst
    5 day course inc. exam
  • PRAXIS Bridging Course - $2,495.00 +gst
    3 day course
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