Happy Easter from Project Plus

Our Easter indulgence has started early here at Project Plus! This morning our new intern, Pierre, kindly brought in a freshly baked ‘Galette des Rois’, which is a French specialty.

The Galette des Rois (King’s Cake) is usually made with frangipane (almond based mixture) with a bean hidden inside (which is like a little figurine). The person who finds the bean in their slice becomes the “king” and gets a crown.

Pierre definitely has some hidden skills as a baker because it was delicious!

We also celebrated Easter with the other companies in Digital Nomad, with a hot cross bun feast, an Easter Egg hunt and a team attempt at the daily Stuff quiz. On the whole, it has been a very indulgent morning.

We hope you all have a happy Easter and enjoy plenty of treats!



The Benefits of Shared Office Spaces

Shared office spaces are rising in popularity, with Small Business Labs predicting that by 2020 more than 26000 co-working spaces will be in use globally. There are several reasons for this trend, including; flexibility, a positive culture and greater connection to others. In a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, it was found that people who work in shared spaces see their work as meaningful, feel they have increased job control and feel part of a community. These benefits are not only great for the individual, but also for companies as employees may feel a renewed sense of energy and purpose.

We have discovered all this for ourselves in our new home at Digital Nomad. Digital Nomad is a boutique, premium quality coworking space right in the heart of Wellington on Lombard Street. We share our office space with several other companies and individual professionals, meaning we get to meet all sorts of different people on a daily basis. We are thoroughly enjoying the highly social and community driven nature of sharing an office and can definitely relate to the benefits outlined above. We especially enjoy the daily office attempt at the Stuff quiz.

For more about Digital Nomad, visit: http://www.digitalnomadnz.co.nz/

PMO of the Year Award

The NZ Project Management Awards, run by the Project Management Institute of New Zealand (PMINZ), are coming into their tenth year in 2018. The Project Management Office (PMO) of the year award has been sponsored by Project Plus ever since it was founded six years ago. This award recognises excellence by a Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office in achieving higher project management success and adding value to their organisation, with a clear and beneficial impact on business results.

The 2017 winner of the Project Plus PMO of the year award was Foodstuffs North Island, which was presented at the PMINZ Annual Conference held in Christchurch. This year the conference will be held in Auckland. The other awards that PMINZ host are Project Manager of the Year, Emerging Project Manager of the Year, Project of the Year, Public Sector Project of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, and the Research Achievement Award.

These awards aim to celebrate the outstanding achievements of project management organisations throughout New Zealand, while also increasing recognition for the project management profession itself.

Portfolio Management Training

The AXELOS Management of Portfolio training course provides a framework to align and prioritise your projects and programmes.

The portfolio framework enables Portfolio Managers and analysts to assist the leadership team to decide which projects will help them deliver their strategic goals. The regular reporting also gives them the appropriate level of oversight on progress or issues.

Our next training course in Wellington for the Management of Portfolios starts on the 19th of March or 19th of June. The foundation course takes three days and the practitioner course takes a further two days. Participants will learn how to structure and manage portfolios in their organisation and understand the key requirements of engagement with their senior managers.

Both courses are facilitated by Martin Aitken, who is very experienced in P3M. Successful participants will gain the international AXELOS Management of Portfolios (MoP) certification.

We can also deliver this course to your team at your own location.

Please get in touch at 04 495 9100 for further information.

The Importance of Professional Development

The Importance Of Professional Development

“The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them.” – Zig Ziglar

It is no secret that employees are a hugely important factor in the success of any organisation. In his recent article for Forbes, Kevin Lynch argues that employees are ‘the key to taking any organisation from the ordinary to the extraordinary’ and thus investing in their development is paramount to success.

Kevin Lynch is President and CEO at National Industries for the Blind in the USA and, like many other executives, has recognised the value of professional development for both companies and for employees. Lynch argues that there are four key ways to utilise professional development:

1.) Invest In Your Best Resource — Your Employees.
Employees are in a unique position when it comes to institutional knowledge and experience of the organisation they work for and can be a valuable resource in learning where the company can improve. Gaining feedback can help in the creation of a professional development plan that accurately responds to employee needs.

2.) Create An Environment For Employee Growth.
A combination of professional training and on the job learning experiences can help employees achieve their full potential and find professional fulfilment.

3.) Expand Employee Development As Part Of The Overall Culture.
Investing in professional development is a great way of showing employees you value them and creating a culture of learning.

4.) Remember Organizations Succeed When Employees Succeed.
In their 9th Global Project Management Survey, PMI found that organisations that prioritise the development of technical skills are 20% more like to complete projects on time and on budget, and meet original goals and business intent.

Knowing where to begin can be difficult. Project Plus offer specialised training in project and change management, with public courses in Wellington, online courses and in-house training delivered at a location to suit you. Please get in touch with us at info@projectplus.co.nz or on 04 495 9100 to discuss training opportunities.

Coming up soon we have Managing Multiple Priorities on the 26th of March and Prince 2 Foundation & Practitioner beginning on the 4th of April.

Read more at:

Managing Successful Programmes® Foundation & Practitioner

If you or any of your programme directors, managers or support staff are looking for an opportunity to upskill and improve the success of your programmes, here’s your chance.

From March 12th – March 16th we will be offering our Managing Successful Programmes Certification Course. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)® is a proven framework which will allow you to successfully deliver change through the application of programme management. The use of programme management is increasingly recognised as a key enabler for organisations to manage change. MSP is being used and adopted more and more within both public and private sectors. MSP will run from Monday 12th March 9:00am to Friday 16th March 5:00pm in Wellington.

Our Managing Successful Programmes® Certification programme is priced as follows:

  • MSP Foundation – $2195 plus GST
    3 day course inc. exam & official MSP Manual
  • MSP Foundation and Practitioner – $3295 plus GST
    5 day course inc. exam & official MSP Manual
  • MSP Practitioner only – $1795 plus GST (contact us for this option)
    2 day course inc. exam

If you have any questions about the course or wish to book, please contact us on 04 495 9100 or email us at info@projectplus.co.nz

Last Chance to Enrol

This week is your last chance to enrol in our Certificate in Project Administration and Certificate in Project Coordination. These courses will equip you with the skills, techniques and knowledge to help take your career forward.

These certifications both begin with our Project Management Skills and Knowledge course on the 12/13 of February and registration closes on Friday the 9th of February so get in quick. These courses will all be held in central Wellington.

Certificate in Project Administration
4 Days
$2,449.00 plus GST

12/13 February: Project Management Skills and Knowledge

19 February: People Skills

30 March: Managing Multiple Priorities


Certificate in Project Coordination
8 Days
$4,095.00 plus GST

12/13 February: Project Management Skills and Knowledge

19 February: People Skills

5 March: Project Coordination Skills

30 March: Managing Multiple Priorities

11 April: Project Planning and Control

17/18 April: Microsoft Project


To register please email info@projectplus.co.nz. Registrations for Project Management Skills and Knowledge close on the 9th of February.

Praxis Framework Webinar 18 Jan 2018. 4 – 5pm

During this session several project and programme management experts, will provide an overview of the Praxis Framework and discuss

  • The integrated nature of the framework and how it encompasses knowledge, method, competency and a capability maturity model.
  • An introduction on how to navigate the website.
  • The key differences between the Praxis Framework and alternative best practice guides.
  • How to obtain a Praxis Framework Certification.

The webinar will include a 15-minute opportunity for the audience to ask questions to our panelists.

Register here

Introducing to Praxis Framework™

The first framework to integrate projects, programmes and portfolios (P3). Praxis is a free, community driven framework which can help you and your organisation realise the intended benefits of P3 management.

You would need to take at least three separate project or programme management certifications to equal the breadth of guidance covered in a Praxis Course. Contents of certifications often overlap – forcing you to study duplicated themes and terminologies, risk management for example is covered by many certifications. Being completely comprehensive, the Praxis Framework removes repetition by covering all the key areas – combining the value of three introductory certifications into one.

Want to build on your knowledge of best practice? Not be told your previous training is irrelevant? The Praxis Framework Certifications combine and build on existing best practice. Find more here.


Holiday Close Down Period

From the 22nd of December to the 8th of January Project Plus will be taking a break as our team head off on holidays. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and enjoy some time in the sun. We look forward to another busy year of training, resourcing and consulting in 2018 and to working with you all.