Our highly qualified business consultants draw on years of experience both in New Zealand and internationally to provide you with personalised advice to fast-track you on the road to success. 



Contract Resourcing

Don't have the right person for the job? Our resource services include everything from detailed management and cost planning to more strategic steering committee or review board roles.



Training & Certification

Enhance the performance of both you and your team with our training and certification courses. We coach business leaders and teach valuable management skills to help you stay on top of your game.



Global Experience

We base our consultancy, services and training on techniques practised by successful businesses both in New Zealand and worldwide - so you know you're getting the best advice, from the best people.

Creating Leading Organisations

Are your programmes or projects failing to achieve performance targets? We’ll help you exceed them. We provide advice and techniques to enhance business success both immediately and over the long term.

Comprehensive Service

It's time for your organisation to reach its maximum potential. When you come to Project Plus, we'll provide everything your business needs for successful portfolio, programme and project management.


Upcoming Workshops

These are our next few workshops. Please click the link below to see our full schedule.

Project Plus Ltd
44 Victoria Street
Cnr Rosedale Road & William Pickering Drive
Albany, Auckland

Ph: +64 4 495 9100
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